Welcome to my blog!

Hey there. I welcome you to my new (very humble) blog, uberless.com. The idea for this blog has been swimming in my head for months now, and I think it’s time to just throw caution to the wind and start blogging. I have so many plans and ideas about what I would like to say, and how I would like to help people in their journeys.

What will this blog be about? If I could only use one word, it would be “minimalism”. But it cannot be just about minimalism, because there is so much more to the human experience, and we are all different. And alike. Ah, yes, it’s a conundrum, this human condition.

But what is minimalism? What makes a person become a minimalist? Again, it’s different for everybody, and degrees of dedication if you will, can and usually do run the spectrum. My bare-bones definition of minimalism is: letting go of all the unnecesary things in my life that instead of giving me joy, weigh me down and slowly crush my spirit. But this is only MY interpretation of minimalism, and surely your definition will be different. At the core of any minimalist is this constant feeling that something is missing, despite having all the material belongings that society *tells* us we must have (car, suburban house, urban condo, etc.) but that we don’t really feel contribute to our worth as human beings. It’s the feeling that you’re working non-stop just to pay your bills and and you’re always running around doing something (anything), until you realize that life is passing you by. That big house you bought, maybe with the swimming pool and huge deck? You can’t enjoy it because you’re always working to pay for it. The fancy car you just bought? You only drive to work in it and to run errands. You can’t take off in it for a weekend retreat in some far away place, because you’re working your tail off to make the ridiculously high monthly payment, and let’s not even start on all the expense related to owning a car. It can all be too much. But when you start slowly letting go of the things that don’t bring absolute joy into your life, you find that your soul is still alive and it’s begging to be set free. The more you let go and get rid of, the better you feel inside. Freer. Cleaner.

But minimalism can make other people uncomfortable. They will see what you’re doing and will tell you you can’t possible be getting rid of your car, or your TV set, or your big house in the suburbs. No, our consumer society tells us we must always go up up up, never down. When people start asking you what you’re doing and you excitedly tell them that you’ve discovered minimalism and are downsizing your life to make room for the really important things, they will look at you like you’re crazy, and some will actually TELL you you’re crazy. They will become defensive and may even stop talking to you. But you are just answering their questions, right? They were curious about your life, but they don’t *really* want to know what’s up, and they will certainly NOT downsize or stop their consumerist ways.

But you will know better. You will revel in the freedom of having less stuff, but more life. When you realize that the only thing sacred about you is YOU, not your stuff, you will be able to see possessions as what they truly are: time- and life-suckers. They demand your attention, they cost you money, they break, they collect dust, they get stolen, they must be moved when you clean, they must be packed when you move. It’s all too much! Living a simple, pared down life will allow you to see your life in clear, unemcumbered images. Life is something to be enjoyed and shared, not something to be wasted away working just to pay for our stuff. It’s insane.

So why “uberless”? “Uber” is a German word that roughly translates to “better than” or “over and above”. I like that we use the word uber to describe things that are “ultra” or “super”, yet by combining it with the word “less”, it creates a seemingly conflictive term, one that invites conversation, clarification. By having “less” worthless, useless things cluttering up your house and your mind, you can life an “uber” life, a life that is just above everything, a life that is pure joy. Yes, you can live MORE by having (and desiring) LESS.

I am a new minimalist, although I have been living a relatively simple life for over ten years. I have always been very mindful of waste and redundancy, and have always had to travel light (I move fairly frequently), but only recently did I discover this movement that described a lot of what I do in my own life! I’m not perfect, not by a long shot, but I am learning and moving forward and loving every minute of this journey. I would love for you to join me and together we will explore the nuances of minimalism, how it can be applied to every aspect of our lives, and how we can tweak it until it fits our lives like a glove.

Thank you for stopping by. Please come back often as I will continue to post my thoughts and my experiences as I delve deeper into my minimalist journey, and you can tell me how your journey is going. See you soon!


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